Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tahun Baruku 2011

...Selamat Tahun Baru....

Its quite interested when a lot of things happened around me during this new year...Malaysia Vs Indonesia (AFF Suzuki Cup) and we won. Again i thinks it is not too late to give them a salute for this amazing job.Tahniah.tahniah.tahniah..yep..i believe that we as fan and this team has gone lots of challenged routes to achieve this. To end 2010 with long awaiting champion are something sweet. Plus the hatred that circled our path which come from those ungrateful for what they have. It is quite unpleasant to look at the attitude of the fans where the final match been held. And how sad to see our heroes battling to the end without their own supporters just because of the unsecured situation. The think is why they can be so arrogant?Btw to Harimau Malaya, Congratulations!!you deserve big compliments and deserve big prizes! Malaysia Boleh!!

Next, I am getting a new job. Mean new environment and new experience.It means as well that i have lot of things to settle down before going to the new place. Demmm, what a mess. Only few days left. I am not sure whether I'm ready or not but have to face it. 

Azam? Tak mahu tangguh2. That is my first azam this year. Realizing it is really bad thing and has change my life a lot, it making me seriously to leave it as far as i can. Well, procrastination might seem so simple but it really could give lot of impacts or differents.

1.1.11 - hoho...what a day man. My friends and i were celebrated this year by tested our nerves on SKYTREXX! Located in Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam, all participants will experiences different types of suspension bridges. Some bridges are easy and others might be quite difficult than it it look and sure we got the safety gears otherwise who gonna do it!? And I mean it, there a lot of ways to across the bridge.The bridge tracks were arranged by different stages.We had done half of the stages, but then were interrupted by rain. So we stopped early.Sight.