Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inside Islamic Art Museum Malaysia

It is a first time for me visited this museum, i thought it might got something interesting to spend my time with. As i remembered the fee for an adult is RM12.00.

One of the exhibition area. It displaying models of Mosque from around the world. This middle age man read some information at the model of Masjidil Haram in Mecca.

Took a break after looked around. While rested, i took a pen and made some sketches from a view located in this large hall. Over there are cladding walls to get view into courtyard.I think the height of ceiling about triple volumes.

Some sketching of Iran's 'treasure'. Kilga the jar stand and carved marble wall fountain.

After these pictures from wedding photo shoot. Lot of strokes and techniques need to be improve..huh..

Potrait 1

2 tahun lepas lukis potrait ni. My wife before jadi my wife.Masih kasar lagi lukisan ni,tp its ok bagi aku sbb sekali lukis jangan stop, sebab setiap lukisan itu ada keistimewaan masing2.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Parking in Mosque area.

Just across to me to have some activities while waiting in the car. Here i am in the national mosque's car park area. It was morning and not many people i can saw around here except some clean workers have been doing their works and some tourists from China outside form the mosque took some photo shoot.I edited it in Photoshop using my laptop as the image quit blur and dark (occurred from my phone's camera-noted the grey spot on the edge).

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Got painting,anyone?

Sekali wife aku minta aku hias bilik ofis baru dia dengan lukisan. Aku lama x buat kerja ni, rasa cam dah takla sebaguih mana bab2 lukih ni. Tp lately ni aku kebosanan dengan hidup tak tau apa nak buat.Dengan tak semene-menenya terus mencapai pensel tak berapa tajam dah, watercolour, berus dan pelet (semua wife aku punya masa belaja dulu) maka terus start melukih gambar sendiri dengan wife aku. Sejak bertahun-tahun tak pegang bendalah ni rupa-rupanya masih lagi boleh melukis. Bolehlaa....