Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Semi Escape?

Actually it arrived from my earlier blog which is Masemi Blog. (Masemi-combined words)Well that blog are neither popular nor favourite for some, but i know i have to find something to accelerate my blog activity and i found that i have to start back from scratch. By taking some portion from initial name, it became Masemi Escape, i think it might tell people to escape to get some enjoying or relaxing perhaps. Frankly, i do not have any idea how, am i really escape?Thats it. A Semi Escape. Not total but it still work.(Plus it still available) Perfect. Semi Escape. So far, i will use it, but who know i might have new name that better?Semi Bebas or Semi Terlepas :).Hmm... So now im start enjoy blogging and get a semi escape and hopefully you too feel the same as i do.

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